Ferrari 212 Inter Ghia Coupe S/N 0149E 1951

Ferrari 0149E

Ferrari 212 Inter Ghia Coupe
S/N 0149E


1952 Ferrari 212 Inter 250 MM 340 Mexico 342 America Owners Manual Vintage Original


Vintage original 1952 Ferrari 212 Inter, Ferrari 250 MM, Ferrari 340 Mexico and Ferrari 342 America Owners Manual.

This Ferrari owners manual contains 39 pages which elaborate on the owning, driving and maintaining these Ferraris with countless fold-out pages, drawings and diagrams.

Language: Italian.

Printed in 1952 by Stablimento Poligrafico Artioli, Modena, Italy.

This manual is in excellent condition with some very clear "signs of the time" and it definitely already has a life behind it.

One of the fold-out diagrams (The Shell lubrication chart) was missing and this chart has been replaced by an exact replica.

Still, this is an excellent opportunity to acquire such a rare manual at a much more modest price than when the original chart would have been there.

Only 1 available.

Price on request through THIS LINK.